Tower office

International investment company office in ‘Moscow City’

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    1. Winner. Interior of the Year: international award organised by the architectural magazine Project Russia
    1. Honorable mention as «Best Russian Public Interior Project» by the architectural magazine Project Russia

With this interior design project for an office of an international financial company located in one of the Moscow City skyscrapers the aim was to soften the typical austerity of an archetypal office space, that is fixed and stratified.

Nearly all the surfaces in the office are of varying shades of grey but different texture combinations were carefully curated to prevent the exaggerated monochromaticity from becoming monotonous. Smooth grey walls, grey carpets, grey aluminium veneer, grey fibro-cement and grey stone melt into each other, smoothing out the sharp geometry of the space.

The storage unit, mandatory for any workplace with a considerable document flow, was designed as a full-length silver wall comprising aluminium-coated panels of various sizes. The metal veneer reflects the daylight coming in through the huge windows, adding visual space. The semidetached glass cubes of private offices and conference rooms duplicating the transparent facade of the building each have unglazed stone veneer doors that lend themselves to seclusion and solidity.

Light in the office falls at different temperatures: there is a soothing warm light and a luminescent cold one. They merge with each other, get reflected or absorbed by the interior textures, enliven the space and fill it with an almost poetical atmosphere, which is uncommon for corporate venues.