Embankment house

A downtown residential complex on the riverside

7. Residential

11. Streetscapes



Passing along the curve of the Moscow River, the embankment inherits the function of an urban facade as well as offering ‘postcard’ vistas. Consequently, the first line of houses dutifully face the river. The facades of these houses create a high-quality visual environment that forms both the outer architectural appearance of this part of the city and a modern “background” for public embankment spaces.

The insufficiently wide public embankment at some sites spreads into the space between the houses, forming lively yet cozy public areas. The choreography of the public space on the embankment appears to be subject to a clear type of logic: the yards overlooking the river alternate between private and public. So despite the limited territory, it is possible to create a variety of public spaces with different use cases.

One of the main advantages of living by the river are the water views. In turn, such views are essential for a residential complex situated on the embankment. This is why almost all apartments are endowed with unhindered views of the river by the provision of facade solutions including specially designed bay windows and refined facade structure. In those rare cases (5% of the total number of apartments) when this proves impossible, the lack of a water view is compensated for by a panoramic view of Moscow City and Moscow State University that opens out at the other windows of the apartment.