Reconstruction of a mass-produced Soviet cinema Varshava

1. Public buildings

2. Public interiors

9. Reconstruction



Winner — Reconstruction and cultural reprogramming project for suburban mass-produced Soviet cinemas ‘Varshava’ and ‘Voshod’.

In consortium with Aventica

The goal of the Warsaw reconstruction project was to adapt the building for contemporary everyday life, while preserving the aesthetic gene of Soviet cinema but creating a modern space to accommodate new functions.

The qualitative transformation of this monofunctional building was mainly achieved by a single major intervention: the consolidation of the entire ground floor into a single connected multifunctional space opening into the park, which had previously been blocked by the body of the auditorium.

The ground floor, enlarged in area, was turned into a single unified space consisting of several zones flowing into each other (sports, service, “urban living room”). The preservation of the cinema’s exemplary Soviet image was combined with pinpoint design interventions (contrasting colors and materials in the interior, a sculptural ramp, etc), which adapted the building for its new functions. The nostalgic space merges with a convenient space which is perfectly equipped for contemporary city dwellers to run their daily errands. However, the demarcation between the two is still clearly readable.

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