Carpet yard

Streetscaping improvement custom-made of mass-produced parts

11. Streetscapes



This microrayon neighborhood is designed in such a way that it merges with the surrounding forest creating a single continuous landscape: the neighborhood’s urban environment is connected with the woods via the axis of the boulevard and a dispersed network of cultivated greenery.The paving and street furniture is put together using mass produced industrial elements: simple paving tile combinations repeated in various sequences result in unique, carpet-like pavement patterns. Despite the exclusive use of factory-made parts, the constant variety of their arrangement lends the project an air of craftsmanship.

This craftsmanship effect serves two main purposes: to create unique yet inexpensive designs for streetscaping and to render all the spaces of the block different from each other.The design enables the inner courtyards of the residential block to provide each and every apartment with a pleasant view regardless of the storey. The residents wouldn’t have to hide behind the curtains to obscure the surrounding urban landscape as the inhabitants of high-rise apartment blocks usually do.The austerity and starkness of the industrial manufacturing is softened by the carpet-like or textile effect of the paving pattern. Hence, industrial becomes a bit more human.