A bar-cafe-coworking space for journalists in the center of Moscow

5. Restaurants



Nowadays Office has transformed a dark and gloomy cocktail parlour in the basement of a historic building located in the center of Moscow into a comfortable environment that serves perfectly as a ‘third place’ in the daytime and turns into a cozy bar in the evening. The principal transformation method was, in fact, simple: to create a cozy cocoon effect the whole space was painted in subtle and warm beige hue. There are three rooms aligned along the corridor and each of them has got its own distinctive function.

For decoration, the gimmick Nowadays Office has adopted is the use of ‘non-decorative’ elements and materials: tin cans, cardboard tubes, marble scraps, old dome lamps. Still, the key interior design element is nonmaterial: its the lighting that can be adjusted to create either a daylight ambiance suitable for working or a calm and relaxed atmosphere to enjoy in the evening. The main bar counter is covered with roughly painted glass that is lit from the inside to produce a unique visual effect. In the same room there is a construction composed of hollow bricks that embraces a small sitting area and softly distributes the light from the incorporated LED strip.

Lightning: Maxim Beloborodov

Graphic design: Anton Totibadze