A spacious mall topped with a roof park

1. Public buildings



Winner — Design concept and programming for a multifunctional shopping mall.

The Superpark mall was designed to be more than a sum of its commercial areas — it is a multifunctional center for leisurely and sports activities for the newly-built neighbourhood it is located in. The idea behind the project is creating the main public space for neighbourhood, available all year round without regard to weather conditions.

A four-level complex takes up the space between the highway and the residential buildings. The main entrance and principal atriums are set on the same axis as the pedestrian crossing and the high-speed tram stop, this axis is the main ‘logistic hub’ of the mall. The gallery with shops, cafes and restaurants lies along the façade turned to the residential buildings. The space around the mall is turned into comfortable urban environment filled with parking system, taxi and public transport stops.

The fourth level of the mall hosts all the entertainment and sports facilities that make up an indoor park with typical park infrastructure: bike, jogging and skating trails, sports grounds and a roofed garden. 1 km jogging trail tunnels through the whole ‘Superpark’, going up and down at different levels, welding the building together. Different functions demand different spaces of different sizes which result in height discontinuity at the top level and make the roof look like a giant sculpture, whose relief is dramatically lit at night. The sculptured roof with open terraces, summer gardens and spectacular illumination from a distance looks like an oasis set in the midst of a suburban residential area, pleasing the eye of those inhabiting the surrounding blocks and those passing by Varshavskoe highway.