Refurbishment of a Soviet market

12. Markets



The reconstruction project suggests enhancing the building's resemblance to a yurt (for Danilovsky is the only round market building in Moscow) by putting a fireplace — an open grill — right in the centre of the market. Market visitors can get freshly purchased meat, fish or vegetables grilled right on the spot and eat them at the round table, temporarily uniting into a kind of urban nomadic tribe.

Resting under a clear concrete dome, spared of all the utilities, the ground level looks like a giant sculpture, rather than an architectural construction, with rubber-like seamless flooring extending upwards and covering all the vertical surface of the counters. Countertops are made of a contrasting material, which creates an illusion of piles of fruit, vegetables and other produce hovering over the sculpted stalls that ‘grow out’ of the floor.

All market stalls ‘swirl’ around the fireplace in parallel circles with growing radius, each of different product assortment, comprising a labyrinth of aisles and passes, a colorful maze of fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy and fish produce. So those who came to buy, say, meat or dairy would have to make their way through fruit & vegetable section.

In summer, market area doubles as the outer perimeter of the building has a seasonal mode of operation. During the warmer months there are communal tables placed outside, in shade of the origami-shaped roof, the glass walls slide away, merging the interior and the exterior into one recreational zone.