New Jerusalem park

A picturesque landscape park in the old monastery’s premises

11. Streetscapes

10. Urban design



The goal of the project is to restore the connectivity of New Palestine’s historical territory through the use of modern landscaping and architecture, and to create a new socio-cultural space. The area will encompass the Resurrection New Jerusalem Monastery and the Museum and Exhibition Complex New Jerusalem, which is to become a major center of attraction in the Istra region

The development plan for the territory includes the creation of a historical park, the construction of new facilities, and the establishment of an infrastructure for recreation. Memorial stones, information stands and other educational objects will identify the park as a continuation of the museum's exposition, allowing visitors to further their acquaintance with history through the landscape. In addition, the project involves the thoroughgoing restoration of the local hydraulic system, founded by Patriarch Nikon in the middle of the 17th century. The new park architecture does not conflict with the monastery or pretend to be part of it either. The wooden pavilions share a deliberately modest design with sloping pitched roofs so as not to encroach upon the monastery’s view of the sky.

The connectivity of the vast territory is ensured by a well-thought-out system of bicycle and pedestrian paths, offering a variety of routes in terms of content (historical, specific), duration and degree of privacy.