Pilgrim’s Route

The planning and design of a convenient pedestrian and bicycle route to one of Moscow region’s most visited landmarks

11. Streetscapes



А joint project with Strelets&Park

This project, combining a footpath and cycle route, is to connect the Istra railway station, the New Jerusalem Monastery and the New Jerusalem museum complex. The landscaping design not only facilitates convenient navigation and ensures the traveler's comfort, it also sets up a dialogue with the historical elements of the territory by adopting the materials and color gamut of the monastery. With this in mind, a light stone was chosen for the paving, harmonising with the white-stone architecture of Russian Palestine. By alternating the tile varieties and installation methods an illusion of patches in the paving is created, alluding to the long and rich history of the area. Concurrently, the irregular, organic form of the navigation stands echoes the historical theme.

Historical motifs are manifested in the project not through historicised forms, but in the selection of materials. In particular, the metal used possesses a bronze tint, creating the feel of noble antiquity. Signposting elements are rendered from oxidized metal in tonal reference to the familiar turquoise color of the monastery domes.