Public interiors in a residential complex

7. Residential



The austere architecture and cold finishing materials of the façade softly contrast with the warm palette of the public lobby, which enter into view through the panoramic windows on the first floor, creating the impression of a warm shimmering hearth.

The hues chosen for the public spaces are organized into a spectrum, with warm gold at one end and cold steel at the other. The predominantly gold and autumnal lobby is imbued with gray accents while carpets occupy the floor – textile and marble – neatly demarcating the internal areas of the space. Above the soft-edged reception desk looms a complex suspension lamp composed of many elements which change the brightness and light temperature depending on the time of day. These features are flanked by mailbox racks lining the perimeter of the room which has entrances to both the street and courtyard.

Lobby design for the entire residential complex:

The mid-range of the colour spectrum is largely responsible for the appearance of the residential floor. On a neutral background of gray micro-concrete and metal-flecked plaster, warm bronze portals acting as front doors for the various apartments emerge and add coziness to a restrained and generally stark room. To diversify the textures and establish the rhythm of the space, corrugated panels of gray metalized wood have been added to the micro-concrete and plaster.

The house emblem is neatly pressed into the wall surface, unobtrusively integrating itself into the lobby space in order to make its presence known, but not contradict the spare aesthetics of the interior.

All apartments within the block share a single parking area. To overcome the monotonous character of the huge parking space, geometric shapes of a vividly colourful and abstract nature appear on separate sections of the walls and columns along with neon lights.

Graphic design: Anastasia Yakurnova

Lightning: Yarko-Yarko