Prospekt Marshala Zhukova station

2. Public interiors



Third prize winner. Open International Competition for Development of the Architectural and Artistic Concept of Moscow Metro Stations : «Prospekt Marshala Zhukova» station

In consortium with Architects of Invention

The station’s aesthetic is based around a single technique: the stacking of cylindrical shapes to form the columns which align the platform. These structures fulfil dual functions in delivering an architectural element — that of an engineering system (namely the ventilation) — as well as providing sources of light. The columns’ shape alludes to telescopic forms, and devices such as antennae, extending mechanical legs, and spacecraft, in an emblematic dedication to the mechanistic, retro-futuristic beauty of the underground.

Blue, red and silver comprise the prevalent colour palette for every space. The blues and reds that dominate the platform’s color scheme are deployed to bring aesthetic buoyancy to the space, while the soft silver light diffused throughout the underground lobby creates a clean space in which it is equally welcoming whether you are departing or arriving.

Forty-six identical columns laid out by step and repeat define an impressive space, with the rowed columns replicating the image of mechanical extending legs, the feet of which apparently hover just above the floor -  a contact point which, as against the ceiling, are highlighted in luminescent red. The coloristic design is based around a gradual transition from dark blue to light silver-white in a descending shift from the ceiling down, adding «air» overhead and seeming to dissolve the columns into the surrounding space as they approach the floor.