Villa in Zhukovka

A house with pine trees

8. Residential interiors



The brief to avoid impacting upon the various pines populating the designated plot severely restricted the area that could be built on. In consideration of these obstacles the design took on compensatory complications: certain established trees were incorporated into the fundamentals of the architecture, spreading through the terraces and roofs of the first floor.

The house is divided into two horizontal sections: a more solid stone lower-side composed of wenge marble and a lighter, warmer upper-side of cedar planks. The vertical placement of the stone columns transmute into a graceful wooden fence and the wood lining that clads the facade of the second floor. A huge skylight floods the central atrium with light — a two-floor space boasting a grand staircase and a large decorative panel of eucalyptus veneer and brass ornamentation. The atrium also divides the house into two parts, with each section possessing huge windows which overlook the pine trees.