A city villa

Low-rise residential building in the historical city center

7. Residential



At the heart of Moscow’s historical centre, a small plot of land became available for the construction of a residential building. The density of buildings in this part of the city is such that house facades are located uncomfortably close to each other posing something of a challenge for the provision of views and resident privacy. The solution is to position the apartments diagonally while maintaining the reassurance of a rectangular layout.

Almost every room is fitted with bay windows serving both the practical function of reflecting light through the angled glazing positions, as well as an artistic solution: a way of blending the modern building into the surrounding aesthetic of the old town, where 19th century apartment buildings prevail. Other period-style aspects of the villa include the entrance, which is located on the building’s corner in a similar manner to its historical counterparts, as well as the restrained decor, which is reminiscent of Moscow Art Nouveau.