Grotta D’Oro — underground lobby of Italian villas

7. Residential



A typical parking implies a low ceiling, open communications and a clear rhythm of columns that organize the space. The parking lot for the Caméo project has a complex shape due to the architecture of the block above it.

The height of the parking lot also varies due to the fact that in some places the ceiling is pierced by tree planters planted around the houses, lowering it by almost two meters.

Since the block consists of individual villas, there is no common lobby and the parking partly takes over this function. It means the appearance of the parking lot should be different from the standard one.

The modern architecture of the villas interprets the Italian style and sets a warm palette. It was decided to follow the main theme of the project, but to offer our own variation. If the Italian modernity is above the ground, then below is the "archaeological" layer, referring to the ruins of Roman baths, where the outer walls have been lost, but the plan has been preserved — a drawing of the interior rooms, creating a pattern for the floor and ceiling with its own logic, not tied to the shape of the room.

The task is to hide the technical essence of space and reveal its social function. One of the main colors used in the project is Venetian gold. It is strongly associated with Italy and partly compensates for the lack of sun on the underground floor. The tree planters pushing through the ceiling become caissons and complicate its design, and all engineering is taken away into darkness and becomes almost invisible. The columns are painted with warm gold, but at the base they are beaten off with gray to connect two planes — the floor and the ceiling into a single space.

Lightning: Yarko-Yarko